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Net Solutions

May 14th, 2005

“We have always listened to what small businesses are looking for in an Internet server and have strived to bring all of these requirements together in our NetWinder. In developing our latest product, we have taken this a step further by ensuring that our customers not only receive all of the features that their small business net solutions, but that they also get a solution that is up to four times as power efficient as other x86 compatible servers. We are very excited with the result of our efforts, and know that customers will soon realize the full potential of the NetWinder Net Solutions.”

Net Winder is an Internet server appliance that provides small and medium-sized businesses with full Internet and local area network support. Net Winder meets a comprehensive range of e-business network solution needs, including secure Internet access and e-mail at every desk, Web site hosting, printer and file sharing, and Virtual Private Network (VPN) remote access net solutions. We do webdesign such as

Utilizing the capabilities of Transmeta’s Crusoe processor, Net Winder also has exceptional speed, capacity and flexibility - while using less energy. Net Winder typically uses only 14 watts of power, while staying cool in its 1 kilogram box. By comparison, a typical x86 processor-based server uses approximately 60 watts of power in a 15 kilogram box.

“Net Winder is a very impressive Internet server technology,” said David Ditzel, CEO of Transmeta. “We have been working closely over the past year as they developed this product based on the Crusoe processor. The high performance and low power consumption characteristics of the newest NetWinder products are exceptional.”

Net Software

April 30th, 2005

* Internet Connectivity - An entire office can share a single Internet connection using their connection of choice, including DSL, Cable, ISDN, PPPoE and Dial-up.

* Five Stage Firewall - Net Winder uses advanced five-stage network packet processing (pre-routing, input, forward, output and post-routing) to protect networks from intrusion.

* Access The Network from Anywhere in the World - RebelConnect, the server-to-server VPN supports the industry standard IPSec protocol and securely connects branch offices together. RebelRemote gives laptop or home users access to their corporate LAN through the secure client-to-server VPN tunnel. This VPN connection allows secure remote access to network resources such as e-mail and network file shares while out of the office.

* Three Fully Configurable High-Speed Network Interfaces - Three 100Base-T network interface ports allow users to connect their internal and external networks, while still leaving a third high-speed interface for other uses, such as connecting to a Network Attached Storage device for added file storage space, or connecting to a separate secure (DMZ) network.

* Easy Quick Start Set-up - The Quick Start CD walks users through connecting the cables and configuring the system from their favorite web browser. The automatic network discovery routine examines and suggests appropriate network settings for the NetWinder.

Net Servers

March 3rd, 2005

NetWinder Inc. announces the availability of its market leading 3×00 series hardware platform for OEM by qualified companies interested in taking their own software solution and bundling on the NetWinder hardware platform. The NetWinder net server appliance is an ideal platform for areas such as managed software, security, content filtering, load balancing and virus protection software developers that require a remotely manageable platform with integrated storage and automated installation tools. The platform offers a small footprint and low power consumption, typically 12W, giving the software developer a superior physical presence in selling their application. Supporting both Linux and Windows network serversoperating systems, the OEM program enables software developers to offer a total lower cost of ownership solution for their customers. This OEM network program offers software developers a valuable asset in creating advanced solutions for their client base with the confidence that their hardware platform will not change so they can concentrate in advancing their product, not in tweaking it for a volatile hardware environment. NetWinder Inc has a full range of solutions for desktop, wiring closet and rack mount solutions. Custom enclosures and branding are available within the OEM net serverprogram. For more details on the value that the NetWinder offers as an OEM platform, please see our OEM section at our web site:

Wireless Solutions

February 21st, 2005

Netwinder is focused on the development of industry leading Internet edge computing wireless networks. Founded in 2001 by an experienced team of technology entrepreneurs, Netwinder Wireless, leverages their expertise in internet appliances and broadband network infrastructures to provide a complete small office server solution as well as turnkey edge computing solutions for the application service provider market also including wireless networking.

“It is an honor to have the NetWinder WirelessServer recognized as the Best Hardware Product by someone as highly regarded in the technology community .” This recognition acknowledges a great deal of hard work by everyone here at

In the article posted to, Pournelle says that, “The most useful bit of new hardware I acquired last year was the NetWinder Linux box that has become my communications server.”

Upcoming Products

In the coming months, netwinder will be releasing other Crusoe-based NetWinder products:

Net Winder: This server will act as an network access point, in addition to all of the capabilities included in the Net Winder.

Net Winder: This rackmount server is engineered for optimum efficiency of both power consumption and physical space. Even with larger capacity drives, the Net Winder uses significantly less power than a comparable server. With the compact form factor - two complete NetWinder servers in a single 1U rack unit - the NetWinder 3400 achieves high server density, maximizing limited rack space often encountered by ISPs and branch offices.

Net Back Ups

January 14th, 2005

The NetWinder 3100 is a compact Internet back up appliance that packs a lot of functionality into a small box. Its built-in services include Web, FTP, Telnet, DHCP, mail, file sharing, print, back ups and more. We found it easy to set up, and it performed

Service is a key concern for the network backups today. This is especially true for newer technologies (such as the Internet) where a potential client does not understand the complexities involved in Network Back-ups. They are interested in using the Power of the Internet to increase their business potential but don’t want to have to worry about it.

Whether you are a computer or networking consultant, a VAR or looking to add new offerings to an existing support based business, NetWinder Inc can show you how to leverage the power of NetWinder Net BackUps by bundling service with solutions.

Traditionally, ISPs and Telco’s are great at delivering bandwith (pipe) and it is something that they have become very proficient at. However, increasingly, SMB customers are asking “So, what do I do with this pipe?, and how do i back it up the network?” and looking at the ISP/Telco for the answer. Key business services, such as e-mail, website hosting and VPN, are delivered by the NetWinder back ups while also addressing more basic issues of multi-system Internet access and security.

NetWinder has successfully introduced a bundled concept that leverages the power of NetWinder with Internet bandwidth back ups and also creates an environment that increases customer retention and brand loyalty